Ethical Beauty Brand Overview: Milani Cosmetics

Although Milani Cosmetics advertise their products as influenced by Italian style, and many of their products are actually made in Italy, they do have a handful of products made in the US. I picked up a couple of their products in a recent sale.

  • Bella Gel Eye Shadow in Chiffon and Espresso – I’m not sure why Milani calls these products gel eye shadows because they look, feel and perform like powder eye shadows. I found these eye shadows to be very average. Not bad products – they were very soft and smooth, making them easy to apply. However, they were not very pigmented and didn’t build up much. These eye shadows retail for $4.49 and I found myself comparing them unfavorably to ColourPop’s $5 shadows. However, there are crucial differences – Milani products can be purchased at brick and mortar stores such as K-Mart or Fred Meyer and, depending on the store’s policy, can be returnable. They also are a little bit cheaper and go on sale. So these factors might ultimately make Milani’s shadows a more attractive prospect than ColourPop.
  • Color Statement Lipstick in Sweet Nectar and Hot Pink Rage. Milani’s lipstick line has a great range of colors and comes in two finishes – satin and matte. (Sadly, the matte lipsticks were sold out so I wasn’t able to try them this time.) The lipsticks are pigmented and wear really well. For one of the less expensive drugstore brands, I found the quality of Milani’s lipsticks really impressive. (Though, again, their $5.99 price tag makes them more expensive than ColourPop’s product offerings.) The lipsticks have a light fruit flavor/scent which luckily did not irritate my allergies. The flavor/scent is the one drawback of this product, since I do not prefer flavored/scented products. Sweet Nectar is a cool-toned orange. If you’re curious about the orange lipstick trend, this is a great one to try because it’s affordable and the color is not super bright. In the picture below, I am also wearing the two Bella Gel eye shadows on my eyes. 

    Hot Pink Rage was a really beautiful pink that managed to qualify as hot pink without being obnoxiously bright. Again, a great lipstick to try if you want to dip your toe into the hot pink lip trend I’ve seen everywhere this spring. I really love colors like this because they just brighten your whole face. I’m wearing it with very minimal makeup in the picture below and it makes me look done without being too made up for yoga class. 

Milani also has an eye primer that is made in the US but unfortunately, it was backordered when I made my purchase. I’ve looked at some other reviews online and it seems like it’s worth checking out, if you’re looking for a drugstore eye primer.

Even though Milani only had a handful of product offerings that were made in the US, I think they are definitely worth checking out if you are an ethical beauty on a budget! Hopefully at some point in the future I’ll get my hands on the matte lipstick and eye primer and will be able to review those for you guys as well!

Note: In order for a personal care brand or product to be written up in my #EthicalBeauty posts it has to be independently verified as cruelty-free and made in North America (where I live). Milani Cosmetics is certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny, Logical Harmony AND Peta. I really love it when a company does the extra work to get certified by everyone, it shows a genuine commitment to offering animal friendly products. Please note also that Milani’s parent company also owns Jordana. I will be reviewing Jordana products in a future post.


Ethical Beauty Review: Butter London Moisture Matte Lipstick

On a recent visit to Ulta, I looked through the various makeup products that Butter London sells. Like most companies, Butter London uses manufacturers all over the world so you really have to read the label to figure out if the product is made in the US or not. Their Moisture Matte lipsticks are all made in the US so I road tested a couple of colors. Unlike many matte lipsticks, the Moisture Matte formula is really soft and comfortable on the lips. I wouldn’t say that it replaces a lip balm but it is very creamy. However, the trade off is that the lipstick doesn’t really look matte to me. Instead, I would say that it’s a satin finish. Not glossy, but not matte either. The lipsticks retail for $22 which is on the pricy side.

  • Come to Bed Red – This color is a cool-toned classic red. It has a medium pigmentation which means that it’s a really wearable color, great for an everyday red. 
  • Ruby Murray – This is a cool-toned berry color. Again, it’s a great daytime shade, easy to wear and very pretty. 

If these lipsticks were sold at drugstore prices, I would unhesitatingly snap these up by the handful because the formula is really great – very soft and comfortable on the lips, easy to apply even without a mirror, decent staying power (the lipsticks are matte enough that they don’t smear all over the place, which is really nice) however for me the $22 price tag is just too steep. I’d rather spend a couple dollars more and get an Hourglass lippie. Or, you know, buy FOUR ColourPop lipsticks for $20! However, as always, your results may vary. What do you guys think? Are these lipsticks worth the money?

Note: In order for a personal care brand or product to be written up in my #EthicalBeauty posts it has to be independently verified as cruelty-free and made in North America (where I live). Butter London is certified as cruelty free by Logical Harmony.