Rescue Beauty Lounge’s A Poem collection

This is a much quicker post than I’d ordinarily devote to a release from my all time favorite nail polish brand, Rescue Beauty Lounge, but I’m moderating a panel at AWP this week (my first – ack!) so I’m just going to bang out the descriptions and pictures! I’ll write proper reviews for each polish in the coming weeks.

This is the first time I’ve ever bought an entire Rescue Beauty Lounge collection. I was motivated by two things: one, every color seemed really intriguing and unique and two, I’ve had colors sell out on me before. It’s always easy to swap away an RBL but it’s not so easy to get your hands on a much-coveted shade! I was tweeting about my past experiences and how Jack is the one that got away from me (there’s nothing I love more than a good green and Rescue Beauty Lounge’s are the best). Well, Ji Baek saw my tweet, looked in her archives and FOUND ME A BOTTLE OF JACK! So, basically, if Ji wasn’t my wish-granting nail goddess before she certainly is now! I’m not reviewing Jack here but, yes, it IS everything I dreamed about. I will be wearing this color very very soon!

Note on the pics: I’m so sorry! I took a bunch of these with a new app (Camera+) and I can’t figure out how to get them from my iPhone to this website. For now, I’m putting links to the pics in my Instagram account. When I get back next week, I’ll try to figure out how to post actual pictures. Also, I have a long way to go before my nail polish blog posts are as awesome as some of the other bloggers out there. I hope you guys will stick it out with me as I learn on the go. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

The colors of the A Poem collection are:

As Sweet Companions – a clear base with big, hexagonally shaped silver-lavender and matte black glitters. The matte black glitter pieces give this polish a cool, multi-dimensional look. Although I was thinking of this as a topper, when I swatched it I realized it would be cool to wear alone as well.

Small, Dim, Summer Stars – a silvery black base with green, blue and pink micro glitters. The combination of the colors makes this polish look like a dark greenish blue metallic and it looks slightly different in different lights. All that glitter does make the polish a little thicker & fiddlier to work with. Because I was powering through my swatches (I did all of these plus some other polishes all in one day), the application on this color is not my best however with a little more care, this polish can be as gorgeous as all my other Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes.

Wild Raspberries Grow – a clear base with bright green micro glitters and larger hexagonal raspberry colored glitters. You can actually get this pretty opaque with 3-4 coats using @Anwyn’s glitter polish application technique which is what I used here.

The Mosses Mar – in her description, Ji calls this a less yellow version of Diddy Mow 2.0 (the only RBL green I don’t own!). I *do* have Orbis Non Sufficit and this could easily be a lighter, grayer cousin to that color (which until now I considered my all-time favorite green – we’ll see if The Mosses Mar or Jack displace it!)

The Mosses Mar (left) compared to Orbis Non Sufficit (right).

Footpath – an earthy mustard yellow. If you’d asked me a few years ago, I would have told you that I’d *never* wear a yellow polish but Ji has won me over and this may even be my favorite color in the collection! It’s such a unique, surprisingly wearable and even neutral shade. In some lights, it reminds me a bit of the spice turmeric, in others, the earth tones make it look more like liquid caramel.

Forgotten Road – this is a dark, moody gray that is really elegant and beautiful. There are some blue and purple tones that come out depending on the light. Ji calls it a darker, moodier sister to Stormy.

Stormy (left) next to Forgotten Road (right).

A Lonely House – this is an opaque rich brown. On my fingers it almost looks like melted milk chocolate. Everything I said before about yellows goes doubly so for browns but *this* is a brown that I would happily wear!

Because I only buy five-free polishes, I don’t have a huge collection like some of the other nail bloggers so I didn’t have dupes for any of these colors. The closest I came was Small, Dim, Summer Stars which was a bit similar to Butter London’s Jack the Lad. However, Jack the Lad appears brighter whereas Small, Dim, Summer Stars is darker and moodier.

Below are pictures of the whole collection and my Rescue Beauty Lounge green creams. (I don’t have Diddy Mow and I didn’t include Abi.)



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