#NOTD: Dior Nirvana with Dior Rock Coat

imageimageSince I’m waiting for my new CND strengthening base coat, I thought I’d do a non-gel mani this week. I did Dior Nirvana, a dusty teal, with a coat of Rock Coat on top. Both of these colors are discontinued but can still be found for sale on ebay and other outlets. This was my first time working with a Dior polish and I have to say the extra wide coat took some getting used to. I had problems controlling how much polish I wanted to apply because I wasn’t used to the brush so both Nirvana and Rock Coat went on a bit streaky. However, I *love* the color of Nirvana and I love how Rock Coat can be used to make any polish in your collection slightly moodier so so far I think these two are keepers. I’ll update later with any wear notes. Regular (as in non-gel) polishes chip very quickly on me, sometimes even on the same day, but I’ve heard really good things about Dior’s formula so we’ll see!

The photo on the right is Nirvana on its own, the one on the left is Rock Coat layered over Nirvana. You can see it makes the color slightly darker & moodier.

Update: The manicure didn’t even last one day! I’ve already got a major chip on my right hand. This is not at all unusual for me, sadly, as I do not have the kind of nails that hold on to polish. That’s why I prefer using a gel base! Anyway, my loss is your gain as I will do another NOTD later today.


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